Allowing that all personal websites are more or less static blogs to begin with, I went ahead and started blogging in late 2004 because when I do take the time to create a standalone/static page I want it to be there in cyberuniverse forever as an independent piece of myself but quit blogging earlier this year because I met the lady who is now my wife in early March and quite frankly she has been taking up most of my free time but now that our lives have finally settled into a comfortable and somewhat predictable routine, I can blog again.

Why blogging over standalone HTML page creation? Well, when I got an invite from WordPress to set up my blog within their aegis and I checked them out and saw how bloody-hell-easy their blog publishing system was to use, that’s when I decided to give my blog one more shot and I’ve enjoyed doing it again – I do admit.

Blogging allows me to post somewhat random bits of my thought processes without spending the mental-energy-and-time capital and thereby create a body of self that’s published to the world without bloating out my personal website or killing my limited available free time.

My life, while not a complete open book, no one’s life ever truly is unless you’re a conivcted criminal or world-class celebrity which I’m neither of nor want to be either, does have many open aspects to it, you can find various pieces of it listed for example in my profile in various Marquis Who’s Who publications, and since a modest amount of awareness of self to the outside world does have a direct impact on my pocketbook, I’m just being honest, folks, as you know I always am/try to be, this blog does serves multiple purposes on multiple levels, as does everything we do or say, whether we consciously realize that or not.


One Response to “About”

  1. Bob Lehardy Says:

    I read your blog about Belles Acres and have a question. I grew up in Raleigh and attended Carroll Jr High from 1971-73, and then graduated from Sanderson HS.

    I read a NY Times article recently about people about my age (52) using the internet to reconnect with teachers who made an impact on them, to thank them, and that brought back memories of the one teacher who fit that, for me. I knew her as “Mrs. Weidhuner” and she was a foreign language teacher at Carroll Jr. High.

    I am pretty sure that she was the daughter of Kidd Brewer, and I know that she lived in a house on the property, (not the main home), that was closer to the entrance.

    Would you have any information about this woman?



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