Why NetworkSolutions.com is a dinosaur of the old web era doomed to extinction

I admit, maybe a tad sheepishly, that I used to be a NetworkSolutions.com snob, much as I was Mac snob for years and years.

When the not just dominance but total monopoly that NetSol had over issuing and controlling the flow of domain name registrations and management was first broken and lower-cost and more-customer-service-friendly registrars such as GoDaddy.com popped up on the scene, I simply refused to use them and steered my clients away from them as well preferring to go with the stalwart I knew rather than the nimble ninja company (GoDaddy.com) I didn’t.

But the other day, much as that day when I finally threw up my hands and quit being in denial about Microsoft not only having won the battle but also the war and retired my old trusty friends, errrr, Macs to a yard sale, I finally said to heck with it and then TRIED to move the handful of existing domains I still had with NetSol over to GoDaddy and what happened next is prime of why Network Solutions is a dinosaur from another web era that’s hung on somehow, refusing to make major changes and actually try to be comptetive with the piranhas that have been eating their lunch as well as their flesh and refusing still to do anything other than pay the most sarcastic attempts at what they call customer service but I call pure arrogance to downright hubris.

Long story shorter, I tried to “unlock” my domain registrations at NetSol but couldn’t. This was damned curious, since I had NEVER “locked” them (added a couple of layers of safety and aggravation to them so that they couldn’t be “hijacked”) to begin with.

So, when I went to my Account Manager screen at NetSol, sure, certainly, there were complete instructions, a very nice FAQ on how to unlock them, except these instructions were complete and total bullhockey, were patently and completely a total pack of not just lies but damned lies and Network Solutions knew this!”

How did they know their instructions on how to unlock them were a bunch of damned lies? Because the very nice customer service rep, after spending over 5 minutes totally arguing with me about why I wanted to unlock them so I could move them (maybe because they’re my property and not NetSol’s, Hmmm???) and then completely harranguing me and almost, almost told me I didn’t have the right to unlock them, which apparentently I actually didn’t since it was he and he as the NetSol employee alone that had the power to unlock them, not me as THE OWNER of said domains, I assumed this whole drama took place because he was under orders to under penalty of losing his job if he didn’t, there must a wholesale flight if not mass migration from NetworkSoultions to GoDaddy and other independent registrars is all I can figure as why you’d risk totally pissing your customers off which they definitely did, piss me off royally by doing everything wrong from a customer service point of view, and since they told me in writing it’d be FIVE FULL DAYS before they’d release them, something I just shake my head over, yeah, Bozos at NetSol, that was truly the last straw since you could have released them that same day, that same moment you could have released them while your goon, errrr, customer service rep was turning the lock on them off, if you didn’t have a company policy of treating your existing customers like dirt under your feet and gauranteeing I would never recommend NetSol for anything ever again.

Pardon my venting, folks, but the nonsense I experience was and is totally UN-excusable, were the acts of desperate former monopoly trying to salvage not just their customer base but actually stay in business, something I’m wondering about now, if with this attitude of customers-as-vassals-and-or-serfs and they’re the blankety-blank (former) royalty they’re not 100% gauranteeing their own eventual extinction, their former reputation of quality and service be damned.


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