The 1,000th US execution & why I support the death penalty but not the way it’s done now

North Carolina being North Carolina of course it was almost inevitable that we’d be the circus, eerrrr, site of the nation’s 1,000th execution since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976 and last night’s dinner and floor show at Central Prison, located about ten miles or so from my house, didn’t disappoint.

I am of firm conviction but mixed mind when it comes to the death penalty as it’s done in the US.

The warrior in me cries out that in time of war that all spies caught on the battlefield and all truly treasonous traitors who sell out my, YOUR country for whatever reasons to our avowed enemies (as opposed to those who lawfully oppose and protest this or that government policy concerning said war or anything else) be excuted swiftly once caught, and I’m human enough to say that any sub-human animal that kidnaps, rapes and murders a child or commits other similar truly heinous crimes such as the cold-blooded murder of a frontline law enforcement officer should die at the hands of state legal system justic, but the way that the death penalty is used in this country, basically to kill only those too poor or too without any influence on the legal system is not only immoral and wrong but is truly a travety and afront to human dignity.

When you throw in the truly horrifying fact or at least should be reason by itself enough to immediately mandate a moratorium on enforcement of the death penalty that time and time and time and time again prosecutors/Distric Attorneys have knowingly withheld exculpatory evidence, created false evidence, coerced perjured confessions and generally done anything they could to get death penalty convictions knowing full well that the citizen charged with said capital crime was innocent, well, don’t get me started on this.

Let’s just say I have and will always say that when someone, anyone in a position of legal authority who abuses their power for whatever reasons to send any innocent person to jail let alone send them to the death chamber, then I truly believe that legal official – when caught – should lawfully receive the same punishment they callously inflicted for their own selfish gain and reasons upon that innocent person they chose to use for vendettal scapegoat, and yes, if said DA or whoever wrongly, knowingly and willfully prosecutes someone they know to be truly innocent of a captial crime and that person is eventually executed, then said District Attorney should be charge with muder since that’s what they did, cold-bloodedly murder an innocent person and then on top of it cowardly used the power of the state to do so, and then put to death themselves, truly an eye for a eye.

But until there is a complete and total transparency of the legal process of prosecuting someone for a capital crime (shoot, for all crimes), traceability of all evidence and complete accountability for all actions on both the defense as well as prosecutor’s side, remember the prosecutor has to prove the defendent guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the defense is not required to prove anything, then let us follow “The Golden Rule” and treat all our bretheren the way we would wish to be treated and end the current horrendously flawed system of occasionally putting an innocent man to death along with a whole bunch of crearly guilty ones – just to satisfy a small segment society’s need for bloodlust vengence.

The death penalty can and should be appropriate in some circumstances, but the current system is not the way to do it.


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