In praise of Hardee’s simple #9 breakfast bowl combo

This post is an example of one of the primary reasons I went back to blogging, to talk about things publicly and try to plug and/or warn of things which have my day-to-day attentions, such as the humble working man’s breakfast fare of Hardee’s “Low-Carb Breakfast Bowl”, their #9 Combo if you’re a customer of theirs, which to me is a work of culinary genius.

Considering because of my “different” genetics all I can eat is basically meat and carbs and a few complex enzymes, when I find something I truly enjoy eating such as Hardee’s Breakfast Bowl, a very simple yet elegant combination of cheese, eggs (albeit poured from a container, Sigh), bacon, ham and sausage all layered into a totally filling for the stomach and totally satisfying for the tongue and the psyche, I just have to spend the five minutes to talk about it here.

Denny’s used to have something a little similar, their “meat lover’s skillet”, but at my local Denny’s (I never went to any Denny’s before The Year 2001, discovering their “meat lover’s skillet” while on traveling on vacation that year) while still available it’s no longer on the menu and no longer served in a ceramic skillet and in a bowl instead, you can still get it but you have to ask for it specifically off-menu but it’s still very good indeed.

But the Denny’s offering while excellent has tiny potato cubes as filler to keep from having to spend too much food costs on actual meat and cheese and the Hardee’s Breakfast Bowl has their “tater’ tots” on the side and is nothing but pure carnivour protean in the actual plastic bowl it’s served in and has twice or close to three times the actual meat of Denny’s offering at less than half Denny’s price, the total price of the Breakfast Bowl Combo at my local Raleigh #19 Hardee’s, and this is the actual bowl of meat eggs and cheese plus tots and unlimited beverage bar refills (I love Hardee’s sweet tea) for just $4.74 while Denny’s meat skillet with sweet tea but without tip is about nine bucks.

I also stop by Bojangle’s for their authentic country ham biscuits for breakfast from time to time, but considering the simple yet total primal sensory satisfaction my inner caveman gets from Hardee’s offering, most mornings if/when I’m out and about and am passing close to one, it’s no contest, my inner comfort-food-seeking savage always wins.


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