Thanksgiving, the most special of holidays to me


Being a Christian, you would think Christ-Mas would be the most special of Holy-Days to me and it actually is, but we’re talking “Old Christmas” which is generally celebrated on March 6th or March 8th either/both of which are probably a lot closer to the day of Jesus’ actual birth than the Roman holiday of Saturnalia (which was always celebrated on December 25th, BTW) which the early church fathers in the second or third century AD/ACE  hijacked and misappropriated in order for the “new” religion of Christianity to be better able to compete with the old Roman religions which weren’t old when Christianity was still quite new to the world, so in the light of “Western culture Christmas” on December 25th being a total and near-shameful sham to me, being a native-born American (born in Columbus, Ohio but brought to Cary, North Carolina as an adoptee at age seven months old which is why I claim to be a Cary and North Carolina native despite my physical birth being somewhere else, my metaphorical re-birth through adoption landing me in Cary instead of Columbus), ever since I came to consciousness at age five, Thanksgiving has become the most welcome if not important holiday to me.

The whole PC/politically correct-thing about what it does or doesn’t represent to American Indians aside, while most holidays are at least happy if not joyful, I find that our American Thanksgiving has high degrees of both somber-ness and reflectiveness about it which I find totally refreshing, kinda like a gentile Yom Kippur but with football and better food.

The purpose(s) of this or that holiday shouldn’t all be the same, anyway, and what makes Thanksgiving such a totally unique American holiday is that, for 95%-98% of all Americans, on each year’s Thanksgiving we as Americans find ourselves so blessed that almost all of us have much, much to be thankful for and so much of the rest of the world, without getting too esoteric or maudlin-ly philosophical on you, really doesn’t have much of anything on any given day to be thankful for, not usually, and definitely not as much as America and Americans does and do, and I’m not talking just about material stuff, I’m talking about (while recently eroded because of such patently anti-American laws such as the so-called “Patriot Act”) are our basic freedoms, basic “natural rights” freedoms such as, to give you one quick real-time example, the Freedom Of Expression and The Freedom Of The Press both of which are totally embodied in my now-expression of those two typical American freedoms by my writing this tome and publishing it in this-here blog of mine, two expressions of basic human rights-freedoms which a couple-billion of Chinese citizens don’t have, at least not wholly and fully like I do as an American.

That’s what and why I am thankful for, this and every Thanksgiving: that, by the literal grace of God of being in America and living as an American, that I have more freedoms and opportunities and blessings to be thankful for every single day of every respective year – not just on this one special day per year which focuses and acknowledges them more – than I would have otherwise had I been born anywhere and anytime elsewhere and elsewhen in this world’s timestream.



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