Early on this frost morn . . .

. . . I took a few moments in the frozen chill of this morning as I waved good-bye to my wife as she went off to her hour-and-a-quarter-each-way-commute-job – my standing outside in our driveway amidst the lightly frozen chills atop anything that wasn’t moving, the few clouds above defining just enough the dawn’s rays to let the local world that indeed the first real day of winter had finally, finally arrived.

As much as I love the five seasons of North Carolina (“Indian Summer” of 40 or even 50-degree swing-days with almost hot days and cool perfect sleeping nights between Labor Day and Halloween being an unofficial “fifth season”), love the rites of springs and the vigils of fall, winter has to be my favorite season, for it stokes the poet within me with its stark beauty, its unforgiving relentlessness of truth being told not lies being promised be damned of summer, the crystal-clear waves of raw emotion that its cleansing suffering brings.

 It is only now as an evolving adult that I am finally beginning to understand why November is the cruelest month. It’s not cruel from anger or spite, only because it simply has to be.

November, the gatekeeper of the next cycle of change, has to be cruel because only the strongest can be permitted to survive into the next-next and the weak must be used to feed the strong as the strong have nourished the weak during times just recent.

My feet, long promised to the soft floor of vanishing forests, ache to feel the bosom of earth caressing them as my eyes soak in God’s paintings in deep wood archetypes, my new Jack Russell doggie-wog by my side this winter as we explore the mysteries of the fullness of bareness of not cold but absence of heat, together.



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