Well, went to the orthopedic surgeon, and . . .

. . . found her, Dr. Sarah DeWitt, to be a consumate professional with an excellent bedside manner and without “the attitude” that many physicians have, in other words – I liked her on all levels.

She must have spent over an hour with me all total, something I found most unusual but most refreshing…did X-rays, talked about the current condition of my heavily-injured ankle from when I was 17 (not good, but could have been a lot worse considering my age), my prognosis (good for the next 10-15 years, at which point I’ll have to have the bones surgically fused togethe or everything below my right ankle amputated), my overall health (incredibly for someone my age, excellent for someone half my age), her suggested course of treatment (cortizone shots directly into the joint, one of which she gave me while I was in the office, and Yes I did feel it but it really didn’t hurt like a needle being jabbed two inches into my ankle joint, just more of a “deep pressure” feeling…since this was my first shot, the effects might last six weeks or might last a year, I’ll/we’ll just have to see) and her suggested course of progressive positive actions (basically, as much water-based i.e. swimming pool exercises that I can reasonably accomodate, that and walking on soft ground in woods or similar as much as I feel I can take).

Anyway, I’d just like to give her a plug here, if you have foot and ankle problems, keeeping in mind she’s an orthopedist/orthopedic surgeon and not a podiatrist, you can call her office directly for an appointment, you don’t need to be referred by another physician, and she takes most kinds of insurance…her very nicely done website where all her info is:



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