Why I’m not going to vote in today’s local elections

Mainly because my new wife Kris (we got married this past May 14th) and I just moved to Apex in June and I would feel really funny about voting in Apex’s municipal elections when – while Yes while we have lived in our local precinct the required 30 days prior to this election, but still – we really don’t as the old Southern saying goes “have a dog in this fight” and also it would be almost, well, presumptuous of us to pretend to have a clue what the local issues in Apex really are.

And the reason I’m not going to vote for the Wake County School Board candidates I could vote for if I wished to is because The School Board has become a pro forma arm for The Wake County Commissioners who actually have to find the money to finance the 100-new-students-enrolled-per-day in Wake County (this area is still a hotbed for job and thusly new emigrees to our area who bring with them their children who need to be taught in public schools) but who can conveniently blame The School Board for the need to raise taxes because of this continuing wave of explosive growth in student population which won’t slow down for many years to come, The School Board’s budget being driven almost totally by this horde of in-migration to the county, by sheer demographics and nothing more or less, and quite frankly I don’t see much point in voting for what amounts to a rubber-stamp-arm of The County Commissioners if said rubber-stamp-board is duly elected by its peerage citizenry.


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