Terrell Owen’s Rage; natural jerk or something else?

When NFL all-star wide receiver Terrell Owens of the Philadelphia Eaglers, one of maybe half a dozen true “impact players” in the National Football League whose very presence on the field changes the entire complexion of the game, went into a meltdown-stage out-of-control rage and fought one team member and then challenged not only his quarterback Donovan McNabb (who I think is one of the truly class guys in the NFL) but told his entire team of teammates that he’d take them all on, it made me wonder.

It made me wonder if he was truly that stupid, which I don’t think he is, to wonder if he’s that big of a jerk at times, which I think he might be but even that doesn’t explain what happened, of if something else might be in play, such as, and I can say – I think – I hope – without getting sued, such as a chemical agent provacteur that would induce ” ‘roid rage”.

I’m not accusing Terrell Owens of taking any illegal drug let alone anabolic steroids. With the NFL’s beyond-extreme policy of testing for every know and unknown legal and illegal substance that could conceivably be circulating around inside a typical NFL player’s blood system, I just don’t think “TO” would be so full of hubris to think he could take performance-enhancing steroids and get away with it.

Yet, his super-aggresive beyond-blind rage does sound like classic ” ‘roid rage” where too many male hormones are present inside an athlete’s body.

I think what many people do not understand about steroids is that the naturally-occuring male hormone which makes men, well, men – testosterone – is a steroid and there is a medical condition in which a given man’s body can produce too much of it and in some cases that lead to ‘roid rage, where the naturally aggresive tendencies caused by its presence inside the body can’t be psychologically supressed completely so what seems like blind-fart-stupid anger and rage just comes up and out of seeming nowhere and is directed to whoever is handy at the moment, God help them.

Any professional athlete trains so much nowadays, literally 365 days a year to try to get and maintain something close to a competitive advantage over their opponents, that their bodies naturally produce more body-repairing, more muscle-and-tissue repairing testosterone than would be the case in most sendentary, white-collar or even blue-collar job-holding males.

So TO’s meltdown I’m sure was at least contributed to by this effect of his heightened testosterone levels which he didn’t have the mental strength to control at the time. That, or he simply might be one the biggest jerks in the world, I don’t really care and I’m certainly not making any apologies for him since I’m not an Eagels’ fan, am just speculating aloud in print what’s been running through me’ brain since I heard what happened, since I am a male and while not a professional athlete and am a cripple if an atheletic one, I do train as best I can and because of that usually have heightened testosterone levels normally, myself.


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