Fighting lesbian NFL cheerleaders? You gotta love it

There was report out yesterday that two of the Carolina Panther cheerleaders (yes, both young ladies) were making love in a bathroom stall so loudly while at a Tampa Bay-area bar while in town whilst their employers were to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (which they whipped badly the next day, 34-14, the football team did) that when other women patrons who were trying to use the facilities in relative quiet (we presume) complained, damned if The Panthers young charges quit making love and started making if not war then at least started a genuine, knock-down drag-out barroom brawl right there in the normal sanctity of civility, the lady’s room.

My only question about the whole incident is – does one or both of them have 4.5/4.6 in the 40 Yard Dash-speed so they can play middle or outside linbacker alongside Julius Peppers?

Carolina Panther Football, where even the ladies of the team literally kick ass.


One Response to “Fighting lesbian NFL cheerleaders? You gotta love it”

  1. C.Brynt Says:

    Yes i agree mabe we should be looking at the ladies to go onto field & play . Havens know we here in Green Bay can use all help we can get. only trust the young ladies were not in any touble with the team or police down there. The Packers do not have cher girls , wish they did just might help both the team & us fans at least we might have something to look at with some degree of joy. This season is a mess only thing we can look forward to is if Caorlina can trun things around like they did last year we may???????

    Thanks you given me something smile about after yesterday

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