Just updated my “Friendly BBQ Letters” page

I know, I know, it’s been literally months since I’ve added letters received about North Carolina barbecue to the BBQ Letters Page on my site, but this Saturday morning my tooth where I had the recent root canal was killing me and I didn’t feel like doing my usual Saturday chores (check PO box, grocery shopping, yardwork, etc.) so I sat down and did a ton of cut-and-pastes to my letters page…I know, I know, I should set up a more user-friendly letters section by maybe converting it over to a blog, but we’ll see, we’ll see…in the meantime, if you’d like to read others’ thoughts about NC BBQ, go to:

 My 2004-2005 Friendly BBQ Emails Page and check it out, & Thanks!




4 Responses to “Just updated my “Friendly BBQ Letters” page”

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