In reluctant praise of “ER”

I have to admit that I’m a closet fan of the stalwart NBC show “ER” despite myself.

I mean, there are so many good reasons not to like the show, its pedantic and pompous and grandious and and preachy and stylized over-the-top self-importance just makes me want to vomit at times, but yet every week (when I can) I do tune in to watch and don’t surf out usually but a couple of times though I still feel like a cat who’s desperately digging its claws into a blackboard so they won’t be taken to the gas chamber in the next scene and yes I do surf out when they begin doing the ER-Alphabet-Soup of medical abbreviations and nomenclatures and terminologies just to show off (hey NBC, if I was a producer of the show, I could also hire an MD to review scripts and fill them full of nonsensical blabber and inside jokes that serve no other purpose save try to create an atmosphere of Holier-Than-The-Typical-Demographic-Viewer) and then immediately surf back in for the almost-Dickens-ian characters and plotlines and storylines, storylines about characters real enough to be real people in any hospital in the country who speak real colloquial American-English and have real joys and sorrows and great happinesses and worse tragedies and lots and lots of petty nonsense and more boredom than the law should allow, just as we all do in our lives, most of us at least, well, at least I usually do, which is why the show despite my best efforts to find that one extra reason to strain credibility and make suspension of disbelief all but impossible ever again never the less keeps my skinny behind on the bed as I stetch out to relax and partake of its best script writing on network TV before I turn out the light (usually, unless I have enough energy to watch a new episode of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central) and dream of something other than high soap operas.

I may or may not post something this weekend, I will say that the ease of WordPress’s blog software makes my posting here more likely most days, but if I don’t then you good folks have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week, Smile!


One Response to “In reluctant praise of “ER””

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