30 second review of Patronie’s Pizza in Apex N.C.

My wife Kris and her daughter Sekuria and our friend Kathy and I went to

Patronie’s Pizza in Apex NC not a block away from where we live for the first time last night despite having moved to the neighborhood back in June and my dining companions were very impressed by their “regular” pizza and calzones and all and just loved their “white pizza” made special for me with a plain olive oil and just ricotta and provolone cheese but I wasn’t impressed….my white pizza was good, was okay, but not world-class like it is at many other pizza places even local ones…and I was disappointed they used only two, not three or four, white cheeses.

Yes, it is an authentic Brooklyn pizza joint, a fact that means that with my food allergies I can’t physically handle their red sauces and is a nice place in general but is one voice among the choir of similar local competing joints. My first taste of white pizza was many decades ago at a similar pizza joint actually in Brooklyn and unfortunately for all since I have to compare what I eat now with the memory of that first time way back when, which might not be fair but hey, if a wing place like

Buffalo Brothers in Cary
can make a true four cheese white pizza that’s as good as it can get, then why can’t Patronie’s?


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