Hello to all & the dance begins again, again

I write these small words with some hope and some dread as well because the last time I tried to do a semi-conforming-to-protocols blog the time and energy I spent on it just about drained me dry. However, with WordPress’s many cool and time-saving features, I hope that the entire fifteen minutes of free time I have per day typically will be better spent documenting and archiving my thoughts and life on the front end instead of having to deal with those blackhole issues on the backend. If WordPress is anything like what I think it is, I can simply write/blog/document/expouse/etc. and let them do all the work…Cool!

 The one thing I won’t do is force myself to the discipline of trying to post something every single day like I did when I hosted my first blog on my own website (http://hkentcraig.com for the main welcome page, http://hkentcraig.com/index2.html for the main personal category pages where the good stuff is accessible from) but I will post frequently, sometimes every day for a week and sometimes only once or twice a week, depending on what I have to say if anything.

You know, it’s strange how despite my having taken the links off to my old blog posts on my personal site, that a couple of months’ archives are still in the top ten of pages accessed, and it’s been a full year now since they were posted. Such is the apparent power and weird allure of blogging, which is why I sought out (asked for) and was granted a WordPress blog account.

Look for a slightly eclectic mix of commentaries on tech, society, popular culture that I personally like or dislike, local restaurant kills and bills, stuff peculiar to North Carolina and Southern culture, more local stuff about local issues to the Cary/Raleigh/Apex and Research Triangle Park N.C. area, business-related stuff including whacks about sub-topics dealing with senior-level project management which I’m the world’s leading navel lint picker expert on for the mechanical (HVAC/heating/ventilation/air conditioning/plumbing) contracting field by acclaimation and the fact that I have been the Contributing Editor For Project Management for “Contractor” for since 1998 (http://www.contractormag.com, the devilishly handsome fellow on the left-hand navbar is the one and only me, click on the link for my most recent column), oh well, you get the idea, I’m eclectic and a bit eccentric at times but almost never boring and am constantly living life…enjoy, my friends, and share a virtual beer with me as the dance begins again, again.




2 Responses to “Hello to all & the dance begins again, again”

  1. Will Brady Says:

    Welcome back. I’m honored to be one of the first on your new blogroll.
    Look forward to your comments on whatever you choose to write about

  2. hkentcraig Says:

    (This message originally sent private before I saw Will had posted here)

    Dear Will,

    Hi Old Friend and hope all is well on your end, Smile!

    I was going to write and ask you to link to my new blog but on checking this morning see you’ve already done so…Wow!…I mean, I’m kinda “pscychic” (though I hate that word), am an empath but damn, friend, you’re even more second-sighted than I am, you linked to my new blog before I could even ask you to and before anyone else even knew…neat!

    Not much new on this end which in my life and my line(s) of work is a good thing…still with Goldstar Mechanical as their Senior Estimator and running their tiny Commercial Division as Manager thereof and still getting paid my straight salary every week is the main thing there, still married to my wonderful Kris (since May 14th, met on March 12th), still have more plans than time allows me to get to.

    Well, all for now, it’s good to be back in the loop once more, talk to you soon, Your Friend, Kent

    Post Script: Actully, Will, you are indeed The First one to post other than myself to my new blog, and I am indeed honored by that!

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